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Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Is your pet in a complex medical situation or maybe you weren't satisfied with the services your veterinarian provided? Maybe you want a second opinion, or know about alternative treatments that are available for you. That's where we come in. Simply contact us here with "Consultation" in the first line of your message to us and we will schedule either a call, video chat, or email in response to your inquiries. 

Dr. Ignatov and his 40 years' of medical expertise are available to help you receive the most information and plot a course for you to go forward. 


How much does this service cost?

We believe generosity brings out the best in people. We genuinely care about our customers, and the pets of our customers, so we go by the honor system, and that means YOU decide how much you want to pay for the consultation. You choose the price. If you are not happy with the advice received or if it is of no practical value for you, you don't pay a single cent.


What does this look like?

Together, we setup the consultation with you, and after you receive our input, you'll be given a PayPal link at the end. Typical donation amounts are between $5-$20 if you decide to donate. You can choose to donate more or less, it's all up to you.


Click here to get started.

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