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What makes us different

Every ingredient procured and utilized in our supplements has clinical, scientific research backing it up. Don’t take our word for it though. Click on any product and on the description, every ingredient is linked to a scientific source that you can read at your pace and leisure. We believe in not only helping our consumers, but also educating them in what nutrients work and which ones don’t. On top of that, we also offer consultation services for your pet regarding how to optimize their diet, health, and supplementation needs.

Who We Are

We are a family of immunologists, microbiologists, veterinarians, and animal health advocates. Our own battle with our beloved family dog’s cancer several years ago formed the foundational experience for what we became and how we wanted to help others going forward. Read about us and how we got started here.

Lexelium Pets

"Thanks to Lexelium, Saul hasn’t suffered from any painful UTIs in years"

-Dmitri V.

"Seto has gotten really big and strong since we added the growth booster to his wet food"

-Gemma B.

"Auggie used to suffer terribly from dermatitis and mangy fur, but we tried their fur and coat enhancer, and his fur has never looked better!"

-Kyn S.

"With the hip and joint supplement, Muddy has been able to regain a lot of his mobility. He’s running like a puppy again!"

-Rita T.

"Ghost has been having digestive and stomach issues all his life, but your guys’s prebiotic and digestion product has really helped him a lot with correcting his digestive tract."

-Russell S.

"Lexelium’s Life Optim has really helped our cat recover from his cancer surgery and make sure his tumors don’t grow back. I’ve never seen him more playful."

-Lia K.

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