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Weight Management System

Weight Management System

Fruit Pectin -  Pectin’s potential to help weight loss comes from being a soluble fiber. It absorbs water and nutrients and forms a mass, which travels through your pet’s stomach and small intestine undigested. This lowers and blocks the number of calories that your pet would normally absorb. Once it reaches your pet’s large intestine, pectin adds moisture to stool, and also supports good bacteria and produces energy used by the colon.

Chitosan - Chitosan blocks the absorption of dietary fat. This potent dietary supplement binds with fat and prevents it from depositing and accumulating in your pet’s body. This helps prevent weight gain. The chitosan that absorbs this fat and cholesterol is then later excreted together with the stools during bowel movement.

Choline Bitartrate -   Choline possesses lipotropic properties that prevent fat deposition in the liver. Choline also possesses nutrients vital for brain and nerve function, cell function and liver metabolism.

L-Methionine - Methionine is a vital lipotropic agent, as it assists in the metabolizing fatty acid. Methionine also activates many detoxifying properties and mechanisms of the liver.

Aloe Vera Extract -  Aloe helps the body eliminate toxins and help in its ability to remove excess fat. It speeds up the metabolism and breaks down fatty acids, thereby helping your pet lose weight. It also fortifies and strengthens digestive enzymes.

Acetyl L-Carnitine -  Acetyl L-Carnitine regulates the metabolic processes in the mitochondria of cells, increasing the amount of energy they can receive. It also protects mitochondria membranes from oxidation and free-radicals. 

Chromium Picolinate -  Chromium is an essential mineral which helps regulate the metabolism of macromolecules in your pet’s body. Chromium can help with weight loss because it's involved in the breakdown of these macromolecules  (protein, carbohydrates, and fats). In addition, chromium has also been shown to help reduce appetite.

Vitamin-Enriched Wheat  – Vitamin-Enriched Wheat is a passive ingredient used to neutralize any harsh or overpowering tastes/smells while also simultaneously providing vital nutrients.

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