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7 Causes of Dermatitis. How Do You Overcome Them?

7 Causes of Dermatitis. How Do You Overcome Them?

Posted by Peter Ignatov, D.Sc Prof. on Jul 1st 2018

Dermatitis (an inflammatory skin disease) is most often associated with allergies. Usually, a prescription of antihistamines and hormonal antiallergic drugs will alleviate most symptoms and successfully treat your pet. However, this is not always the case. Chronic inflammatory skin diseases can be caused by:

  1. Bacterial infections (staphylococci, streptococci, etc.)
  2. Parasitic diseases such as mange (demodicosis)
  3. Skin metabolism disruption due to insufficient blood purification in the liver
  4. Insufficient nutrients and vitamins
  5. Allergies with different mechanisms of action that require different kinds of treatment
  6. Endocrine disorders
  7. A combination of the above

As a rule, chronic dermatitis is always accompanied by autoimmune reactions, when the immune system destroys normal, healthy skin cells.

Dermatitis, as a rule, is accompanied by itching and often edema, which is associated with the development of inflammatory reactions.

When dermatitis occurs and develops, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Modern veterinary medicine can often determine the root cause of the dermatitis and provide effective treatment.

Our Fur & Coat Enhancer product is intended for animals that went through intensive methods of treatment in veterinary clinics and are still suffering from dermatitis. This 100% natural nutritional supplement corrects the immune reactions in the structures of the skin (strengthening the weak reactions and, conversely, suppressing the hypertrophied ones). This increases the resistance of integumentary tissues to germs, allergens, as even the destructive effect of autoimmune processes.

In addition, the product contains a number of vitamins and minerals essential for the skin, particularly those that become depleted as the dermatitis develops. Since our Fur & Coat Enhancer is best utilized for suppressing chronic dermatitis by restructuring the immune system, the course of its application is quite long, about 1 - 2 months. It is possible in some rarer cases that a second course will be required to stabilize the results.

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