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Is Your Pet Fighting a Chronic Disease? They may already be losing. Here's why.

Is Your Pet Fighting a Chronic Disease? They may already be losing. Here's why.

Posted by Peter Ignatov, D.Sc Prof. on Jul 1st 2018

All cases, of course, are different as we and our pets are. But most of pet owners get trapped in the same pitfall ending up having a chronic or reoccuring disease that is hard to cure.

What often happens with chronically-reoccurring diseases in the body (regardless of the cause) is that they are complicated by a parasitic presence (bacteria, viruses, etc). This causes many immunity functions to be impaired. The modern-day veterinarian has an entire arsenal of means available for diagnosing and detecting pathogens in the body, and then selecting the most effective medications. Therefore, theoretically, the earlier pets’ are turned to their veterinarian for symptoms of illness, the more likely a successful cure will be found.

Not all clinical tests are effective

However, things are not always this simple in reality. It is not always possible to determine the underlying cause of the disease, either because there are no practical methods available or they are very time-consuming. These factors impede making an accurate diagnosis possible. A frequent mistake that veterinarians can make is pursuing a precise diagnosis, which results in a myriad of expensive and time-consuming medical tests. As a result, chronic illnesses can worsen or become reoccurring because of the time spent on medical testing instead of treating the disease. Even a completely accurate diagnosis does not guarantee a complete recovery because an effective cure may not exist for that disease.

cat-899049-640.jpgImmunity is the key

In our opinion, in such cases, the most pragmatic way to deal with these situations is to fortify your pet’s immunity. “Immunity” is a unique internal mechanism our bodies have to diagnose and eliminate pathogens and repair damaged cells. This is a natural system that protects the body from the aggressive invaders found in our environment. However, even this very complex system can be damaged and malfunction.

Most often, immunity disorders are associated with immunodeficiencies (either low quantities of cells or weakened capabilities to fight off infection). Medical professionals attempt to compensate for these deficiencies by stimulating the immune system. However, this is not entirely correct, since a huge number of pathologies in the body develops precisely as a result of abnormal, hypertrophied reactions of the immune system (allergies, autoimmune diseases, etc.)

dogs-1246588-640.jpgCorrect it smart

In our opinion, it’s better to use corrective therapy: reducing hyper immune reactions and fortifying weakened ones. This will bring the immune system's functions back to normal, and will continue to performing optimally once again.

Our Immune Active supplement is based on these basic principles, its composition is formulated in such a way that it is very effective against chronic diseases that are not easily remedied by typical drug treatments. Simultaneously, the Immune Active treatment occurs in a very natural, gradual way, without damaging or stressing other bodily systems.

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